Contact us using the contact information listed on this page. We encourage you to contact your state affiliate for information and resources that are specific to your local area.

State Liaison Program

While everyone is highly encouraged to reach out to any of the NABS board members, most of our board members serve as designated liaisons to specific state student divisions. This program is intended to provide NABS connection and support to students at a more local level. Contact your state liaison for advice/assistance with student state programming, help with initiating/revitalizing a student division, questions about NABS programming, etc.

Trisha Kulkarni | President

Although Trisha is not serving as a direct liaison for any states (as is traditional for the NABS president), please always feel free to reach out at [email protected].

Mausam Mehta | 1st Vice-President

Contact Mausam if you are in Arkansas, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, Vermont, or Washington at [email protected].

Justin Salisbury | 2nd Vice-President

Contact Justin if you are in Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Rhode Island, South Dakota, or West Virginia at [email protected].

Nina Marranca | Secretary

Contact Nina if you are in Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oklahoma, or Puerto Rico at [email protected]   

Elizabeth Rouse | Treasurer

Contac Elizabeth if you are in Georgia, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, or Texas at [email protected].

Logan Stenzel | Board Member

Contact Logan if you are in Alabama, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah, Virginia, or Wisconsin at [email protected].

Robert Parsons | Board Member

Contact Robert if you are in Arizona, Idaho, Kentucky, Nebraska, New York, Washington D.C., or Wyoming at [email protected].

Kinshuk Tella | Board Member

Contact Kinshuk if you are in Alaska, California, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, Oregan, or Pennsylvania at [email protected].

Gene Kim | Board Member

Contact Gene if you are in Colorado, Illinois, New Mexico, Ohio, South Carolina, or Tennessee at [email protected].

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