Portrait of Trisha Kulkarni smiling

Trisha Kulkarni, President

Email: nabs.president@gmail.com

Trisha is humbled and honored to be serving in her third term as President after finding the Federation in 2018 as a national scholarship winner. She grew up in Dayton, Ohio and recently graduated with her bachelors in computer science from Stanford University with a minor in creative writing. Her experiences serving as a teacher’s assistant in introductory programming courses, working at leading technology companies, and volunteering in the blindness space has fueled a strong passion for leveraging her skillsets for social impact, especially in the education space. This year, Trisha will be devoting time to her independence training at the Louisiana Center for the Blind before starting her graduate program in the fall of 2023.

Through her time volunteering with NABS, Trisha has learned how much stronger we are together, sharing collective knowledge, challenging one another, and pushing for systemic change. She invites any student, educator, parent, or ally to reach out with questions or ideas about the work that we do.