Portrait of Sara Luna

Sara Luna, Second Vice-President

Email: sol.sky.luna@gmail.com

Sara is thrilled to contribute to NABS as second vise president this year. While she is originally from Chicago, she has recently migrated north to Minnesota to attend Blind Inc. In 2021 Sara received her bachelors degree in history and communications from Northpark university. Once she completes her program at Blind Inc. Sara plans on harnessing her passion for sharing history by,  entering the historical tourism industry. She plans on prioritizing, improving museum accessibility and highlighting the perspectives of marginalized populations in her professional endeavors. Sara is a devoted martial artist as she has spent the past 13 years practicing judo. During her high school years Sara represented the United States at various international judo tournaments. Since then she has shifted her focus to mentoring and teaching classes with students of all ages and abilities. In the spring of 2022  she earned the rank of Shodan, first degree black belt. Her other hobbies include, listening to an absurd amount of audio books and podcast’s, editing her scrapbook, drawing, traveling and, adding to her collection of miscellaneous historical facts.